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Team Members

Galen Bowman 

Kai Blumberg 

Jacob Bernard 

Samantha Robbins  

Mingzhen Lin  

GitHub Repository

Github Page :


Client Needs

The client requires a web client which can be used by educators and students to run the NCBI BLAST Basic Local Alignment Search Tool algorithm.

The client would specifically like for us to provide the wurmlab/sequenceserver local web front-end version of the BLAST tool, which delivers the user interface and analysis capabilities they require.

Finally the client needs the hosted blast implementation to support multiple classes of at least 100 students all using the BLAST curriculum concurrently (courtesy of Wilson's slides), with an average run time of 2-3 minutes per job. As well as some assurance that the ~100 jobs will finish at approximately the same time.

Project Plan 

Main Objectives:

  1.  Create web client that runs BLAST search tool
  2.  Have web client use the wurmlab/sequenceserver to return data so it is in line with what the GEA requires
  3.  Have it scale up (via HPC system) proportionate to how many users are running the web client
  4.  Cache results that have already been searched for previously to save time
  5.  Update UI (depending on what Mr. Leung specifies).





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