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Homework 4 - Star


Team Members

Anthony Dominguez

Brandi Diesso

Emmanuel Gonzales

Michele Cosi

TJ Lippincott




Client needs

Main goal:

  • The Client, Dr. Wilson, has expressed the needs for an easily deployable version of SequenceServer

Understanding the problem:

  • For educational purposes, the GEA has to be able to execute BLAST such that 100+ students are able to obtain results (relatively quickly) at the same time.
  • For this to happen, the server MUST NOT throttle requests coming from the same IP address (e.g. classroom shared IP address).
  • BLAST can be run locally using SequenceServer.
  • Installation of SequenceServer (and required genomes) must be simple and intuitive enough such that anyone with limited informatics background can install and operate the suite.

Objectives (according to the CyVerse's Wiki Midterm page):

  • Instructors add/build their datasets to Sequence Server
  • Image/deployment can scale as required by the number of students in the class
  • Bonus:  Caching results for the same query
  • Bonus: Updates to UI (need more specification from client)



Project Draft

  1. Learn about HPC (and CyVerse) usage and containerization
  2. (in CyVerse empty container) Install SequenceServer and acquire required genomes 
  3. Test scalability of SequenceServer container 
  4. Develop into deployable Container (Singularity/Docker)



Project Presentation




Post Mortem

The Good: Willingness of the team to do and learn

The Bad: Ideas are scarce.

The Ugly: Lack of knowledge in the field hinders ideas

What could have been done differently? Further research into technology beforehand would have helped in better understanding of the question.



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