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Homework #1

Learning Outcomes

  • Team work is essential for this class.
  • How do you quickly form a team?
  • What are the barriers to working as a team (esp. with a short deadline)?
  • Reflection on each project (post mortem analysis) helps individuals (and teams) work more effectively in the future.


Part 1: Get accounts on:

  • CyVerse (first, because this is needed to create/edit pages on this wiki)
  • Slack: join "ua-acic" (send Dr. Lyons or Dr. Merchant your email address for an invite)
  • GitHub:
  • Roster: Add yourself and these accounts to the class roster

Part 2: Data Scientist Presentations

  • Break into groups of 4-5 people
  • Identify two  Data Scientists (one male and one female) Write a paragraph on each person
    • Post as a child page to this page (one page for each group)
    • Name the page "Homework 1 - Team X" where X is your team name.

    • List your group members (first and last names)
  • Create a 5 minute presentation (5 sides) to give to class on Thurs.
    • Format
      • Slide one:  Title slide with name of data scientists and group members
        • Introduce data scientists and members of the team
      • Slide two:  Why each person was selected by the team
      • Slide three: What they have done and their impact on data science
      • Slide four: How you expect these contributions to impact the work done in the class
      • Slide five: Contributions by each person
    • Post to/link from homework page
    • If using a cloud presentation (e.g., Google Slides), make sure the documents are open!
  • Presentations graded on:
    • Completeness of summarizing main points of chapter
    • Professionalism of presentation
    • Clarity of information on slides
    • Use of relevant examples
    • Staying within the allotted time
    • Contributions by each person on the team
  • Evaluate the contributions of your team members (no slacker policy!): 
  • After class presentations
    • Post-mortem analysis of group work, posted to wiki
      • Answer: What worked; What didn't; What was Ugly; How to improve next time (what would you do differently)Wiki page should include:
      •  The good
      •  The bad
      •  The ugly
      •  What would be done differently (next time)
      • Take time to reflect; Learn from your experience
      • Example: Example Post Mortem Analyses



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