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Learning Outcomes

  • Best (better) Practices in Scientific Computing
  • Working as a team for project organization

Best Practices in Scientific Computing

  • Read this paper: Best Practices for Scientific Computing
  • Create a new team (must work with different people than in your first project)!
  • Pick one project from the team and evaluate this project with regards to the major sections of "Best Practices for Scientific Computing"
    • These sections are summarized in Box 1.
    • Take these sections (Box1) and divide the major sections among the team (i.e., each person takes one or two sections)
    • Each person must describe how the project abided by these recommendations or did not. 
    • If the project abided by the recommendations, show with an example from the project.  If it did not, provide a recommendation for how the project could be improved.
  • Given those recommendations, give the project a grade (A, B, C, D, F) and justify the grade. 

Team project:

  • Add a post mortem analysis after the homework is completed
  • Fill out teammate evaluations (you will receive no homework credit unless this is done):


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