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Use Amazon's Cloud Calculator to determine the cost for processing the following data:

  • You have 300 TB of data which can be processed in parallel (i.e., the data may be sliced into any sized chunk)
  • You have done some benchmarking where it 10 hours to process 2GB of data on a single core:
    • It takes 8GB of RAM when those 2GB of data are loaded in memory and being processed
    • Compute time scales linearly with the amount of input data (e.g., 20G of data takes 100x longer than 200MB of data)
    • Memory usage scales linearly with the amount of input data (e.g., 20G of data take 100x more RAM than 200MB of data)  
  • How much will it cost to process all the data in 1 hour? in 1 day?
  • The final output is 2TB. How much does cost to transfer the data to AWS and transfer the results back?
  • What is the difference between using different Amazon facilities?  Compare US West Coast, Tokyo, and San Paulo.
  • Make sure to show your work and system configuration!
  • There is no wrong answer (just show your work).
  • Note:  This is an individual assignment (not a team project)
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  1. Due Sept 26th (2 hours before class!)