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What worked well:

 In the beginning of the project, our team communication was quite successful. We would evenly divide tasks the best we could and we would express our needs to each other using Slack. Another aspect that worked well for us was the ability to reach out to other teams. There were many times that we became stuck on a step and, through our team leader, we would ask the other teams if they had run into the same problem. 

What did not work well:

 After the first few assignments regarding the midterm project, our group communication started to suffer. By the end of the project, the majority of our team did not have the skill set required to turn in a complete project. While this was frustrating, we were able to find a satisfactory way to earn a grade for the midterm by helping other teams test their solutions. 

What we would do differently:

 We would definitely get an earlier start on the project. We got a late start, working last minute to hand in assignments early on and this caused added stress which could have been avoided. We also would reach out to other teams sooner and collaborated with a team so that we were not put behind due to not having the preferred skill sets. Most importantly, we would make sure that we meet more frequently as a complete team rather than sporadically as a partial team of only three or four people.

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