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L:  Lecture

CA: Class Activity/Active Learning

DateLecture #TopicLearning OutcomesHomeworkSlides / ActivityAdditional Notes
8/27/20191(L) Intro to Course

Course introduction an dorientation

Importance of Cyberinfrastructure and Data Science

Homework 1Lecture 1 Google Slides 
8/29/20192(CA) Working as a Team

Strengths and weaknesses of teams

Problems and solutions to common team problems

Homework 2

Team presentations

Discussion on teams

Teams give presentations on data scientists. Discussion on teams.
Software Carpentry
Bootcamp for anyone in command line and intro programmingLinux Command Line and Shell workshop  Optional for those wanting training/practice at the command line
9/3/20193(L) Good enough practices for data scienceData Science is a Team Activity
How to take care of code, project planning, etc.
Homework 3Lecture 3 Google Slides 
9/5/20194(CA) Take a big project and breaking it down

Overall project plan (and what it takes to plan a project)

Organization: Project Planning, Documentation, GitHub

Homework 3Lecture 4 Google Slides 
9/10/20195(L) Client Project: Wilson Leung (guest lecture)Mid-term project overviewHomework 4

Slides (Wilson)

Lecture 5 Google Slides


Project Page for Midterm

Overview of breakdown projects: what do you need to deliver? How do you ensure everyone is on the same page for requirements.

 How will you utilize the resources to which you have access

Homework 5Lecture 6 Google Slides 
9/17/20197(L) What is the cloud and virtualizationCloud howto, introduction to Atmosphere, Chameleon , Jetstream   
9/19/20198(CA) Hands on with the cloud and virtual machinesHands on cloud and mapping things needed for Wilsons project   
9/24/20199(L) What are containers and how they different than virtual machinesGetting comfortable with CLI and managing VM/installing s/w . Introduction to Containers   
9/26/201910(CA) Hands on with containers

How to run a container

Modify a container

Create a docker file

Redistribute containers

10/1/201911(L) Intro to workflow managers

What are workflow managers

Why are workflow managers needed

When to use a workflow manager

10/3/201912(CA) Hands on with workflowshands on exercises, run workflows on HPC, cloud, etc   
10/8/201913(L) Midterm updateAre teams coming together to accomplishing bigger projects more easiler   
10/10/201914(CA) Midterm class prep and help    
10/15/201915(L)Midterm presentations    
11/28/2019No Class     
12/10/2019Last Class     
12/12/2019Reading Day     
Scheduled Final
12/19/2019All Work Due     
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