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Learning Git/GitHub (material from the workshop taught by Sateesh):

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  1. For anyone who is new to linux/command line in general, I would like to recommend 'nano' as a good choice to start with for code/text editing. It comes standard on most major *nix based operating systems, and is one of the closest things you will find to what you may be more familiar with in Microsoft's "notepad". It isn't nearly as powerful as vim, or as silly as emacs, but it still has very helpful keyboard shortcuts and even syntax highlighting for a variety of languages if you are into that sort of thing. 

    It can be invoked from the command line by typing "nano filename" or just "nano". I recommend using "nano -c" or setting up an alias to this because this will allow the current line number of your cursor to be displayed at the bottom of the terminal which is incredibly helpful when collaborating on code.