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Note: Schedule may change based on progress, special lectures, guests, field trips, and other opportunities.


DateLecture #TopicLearning outcomesHomeworkSlidesAdditional Notes

1 (tick)

What is Data Science? What is CyberInfrastructure? Why this Course?Intro to course conceptsHomework 1: Data Scientist Presentations (Due 8/24)

Lecture 1- Intro and Logistics.key

Lecture 1- Intro and Logistics.pdf

Nirav and Asher Out

2 (tick)

Presentation on Data ScientistsWorking as a team (essential "soft" skills)Homework 2: Good Practices and Reproducibility Presentations (Due 8/29)

Lecture 2 - Group_Projects.key

Lecture 2 - Group_Projects.pdf

Nirav Out

3 (tick)

Presentation: Papers on scientific computing and reproducible computingBackground info and working as a team

Homework: Finish Homework #2

Group presentations 
8/31/20174 (tick)Client project and schedule meetings with groups (Eric, Nirav, and Clients meet with teams)Overview of client project: what do you need to deliver?Homework 3: Concept Maps (Due 9/5)Lecture 4 - Client Project 
9/5/20175 (tick)Class presents concepts maps, discuss problem areasOverall project plan (and what it takes to plan a project)

Homework: Make sure all accounts work (CyVerse, GitHub, UA UA-HPC)

9/7/20176 (tick)Hands on -- working on the command line - shell tricks - logging into remote servers, getting dataCommand line-fu; using remote resourcesCLI and Virtual BoxEric Out
9/12/20177 (tick)Virtual BoxCode repositories

Homework 5: Virtual Box (Due 9/14)

CLI, Git, etc 
9/14/20178 (tick)GitHub -- for documentationVersion Contro: Git & GitHub

Homework 6: Git (Due 9/19)



9/19/20179 (tick)Virtualization & ContainersVirtualization, Containers, Similarities & DifferencesHomework 7: Install Docker (Due 9/21 - No Late Assignments)

Lecture-9-Virtualization and Containers.pptx

Lecture_9-Virtualization and Containers.key

9/21/201710 (tick)Docker: Introduction & TheoryAPIsHomework 8: Docker Containers, DockerHub (Due 9/26)Lecture10-docker-jupyter.pptx 
9/26/201711 (tick)Docker Hands-On: Dockerizing the SDMDocker, Docker Files, Docker + Data
Homework: Review hands-on lesson on GitHub.


Nirav and Eric Out
9/28/201712 (tick)High Performance Computing (HPC)Compute components, High Performance/Throughouput Systems, System Design, Submitting JobsHomework 9: HPC Exercises (Due 10/3)

Lecutre12-HPC theory.pdf

Lecutre12-HPC theory.key

10/3/201713 (tick)Intro to REST API useAutomating task of obtaining information/data from providersTBDLecture13-REST-API.pptx 
10/5/201714 (tick)Field Trip to UA Insect Collection    
10/10/201715 (tick)Hands-on with JupyterOpenness and reproducibilityHomework: Get/share/develop notebook on SDM across a team:Lecture15-Jupyter-Intro-Exercise.pptx 
10/12/201716 (tick)Introduction to cloud computingLaunching VM's and managing cloud resourcesHomework: AWS calculatorLecutre16-Chameleon-Cloud.ppt 
10/17/201717 (tick)Hands on cloudUse Chameleon cloud to build your applianceHomework: TBD (possibly Jupyter notebook running on Chameleon)Lecutre17-Hands-on-cloud.ppt 
10/19/201718 (tick)Hands on cloudLearn to install software and automation with AnsibleHomework: Running Jupyter Data Science Notebook. Install any application you like using Ansible. Provide screen shots of both and detail the steps you took.Lecutre18-Hands-on-cloud.ppt 
10/23/201719 (tick)MidtermDiscussion about Midterm deliverables.   
10/25/201720 (tick)Midterm preparationClass time for teams to organize and plan5-min stand up at the beginning and end of class on team progress  
10/31/201721 (tick)Midterm Presentations  Midterm: Due 10/31 
11/2/201722 (tick)SQLITE Database BasicsLearn how to import and export structured data with SQLHomework: Import, export data using SQLITE command lineLecture20-Intro-sqlite.pptx 
11/7/201723 (tick)Field Trip to UITS/Computing CenterSee the HPC, Campus Network, and AZ-Live in action
Meet in basement near elevator of UITS/Computing Center
–1077N Highland Ave
Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 8.46.15 AM.png 
11/14/201724 (tick)Scaling: part 2 -- WorkQueue: theoryDistributed computing -- master-worker 
11/16/201725 (tick)Scaling: part 2 -- WorkQueue: hands onDistributed computing -- master-worker and containers   

Final project


Describing final project

Using SQL part 2

11/23/17No ClassThanksgiving    
11/28/1727Work on finalGet together list of questions for client

Feature driven Development (FDD)

Sample from prior year project for FDD

11/30/1728Meet with clients to discuss projectAsk questions, get clarity, make sure you are delivering what the client wants, make sure that the clients understand what you can deliver (expectation management and alignment)   
Last Day of Class
Final project    
12/7/2017Reading Day     
Scheduled Final
Final presentations to client (8-10am)    
12/14/2017All Work Due
Final documentation, code, presentation materials due
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