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To All Fall 2014 Instructors

Online Administrative Drop With No Grade Awarded Deadlines for Fall 2014

  • Undergraduate Students: August 25--September 8
  • Graduate/Professional Students: August 25--September 21

Online Administrative Withdraw Deadlines for Fall 2014 (Grade of W is Awarded)

  • Undergraduate Students: September 9---November 2
  • Graduate/Professional Students: September 21---November 2

Online Administrative Reinstatement

  • All students---use notify registrar button to request reinstatement

Paper Late Change Petition

  • Weeks 11 to 13: Students use a Late Change Petition, Instructor and College Permission required
    **Graduate/Professional Students: Grade of W or E grade assigned
    • Undergraduate Students: Grade of W assigned (the grade of E is not available)

Class Attendance and Administrative Drop policy information:

Dynamically Dated Classes Dates and Deadlines:

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

The information below has been provided to all undergraduate students.  Please make sure that your syllabi and communications with students reflect the new deadlines for dropping and withdrawing. 

You can view a comparison of the old and new policy here: .

Beth Acree, Ph.D.

University Registrar and Interim Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid

The University of Arizona



Changes to the university’s dropping and withdrawing policies for undergraduate students were approved at the May 5th Faculty Senate meeting and become effective in Fall 2014.  There are four main changes:

1.      Adjusted Deadlines

2.      New 18 Unit Cap on W Grades

3.      Complete Withdrawal Changes

4.      Late Drop Fee Timeframe

1.      Adjusted Deadlines

Below are the basics for a fall or spring 16 week semester.  Shorter sessions will follow the same proportional deadlines.  See the Dates and Deadlines Calendar for specific dates.

I want to:

New Policy

Old Policy

Drop a class without receiving a grade

Week 1 – 2
(or prior to the start of the term)
·        You have two weeks to make a decision about dropping a class if you don’t want a W grade.

Week 1 – 4

Drop a single class after the drop deadline and receive a W grade

Week 3 – 10
·        You have two additional weeks (past the previous deadline) to drop with a W grade.
·        You can drop in UAccess.  No paper form needed.
·        No instructor permission required.
·        Only W grades will be awarded. E grades are no longer an option.
·        $25 late drop fee per class.

Week 5 – 8

2.      New 18 Unit Cap on W Grades

There is now an 18 unit cap on the number of units for which a student may receive a W grade.  Your previous W grades will not be counted.  Only W grades earned in Fall 2014 or later will be counted. 

If you ever meet or exceed 18 units of W coursework, you will not be allowed to drop with a W grade in any future classes.  You will need to accept the grade earned in the class. 

3.      Complete Withdrawal Changes

The process remains the same.  You submit the Complete Withdrawal form, online.  You may still drop (with a W grade) your classes in UAccess through the 10th week, however UAccess will prevent you from dropping all of your classes and will direct you to the online Complete Withdrawal form to finish the process.

All complete withdrawal grades will be noted on the transcript as WC grades.  WP and WF grades will not be used.

4.      Late Drop Fee Timeframe

The per class $25 late drop fee will be in effect starting week 2 through week 10.  

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