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Tuesday 12/9/2014: Pre-final presentation demoing (non-technical) final results products (10 min).  

Provide an overview of what happens and the technologies used, but don't go into deep details. 

This will be attended by Director of Biosphere 2, Professors in Soil, Water, and Environmental Sciences, EEMT first author, etc.  These are the folks that will really use (and be impressed by) your final products.  Location: in class.

Wednesday  12/17/2014   10:30 am - 12:30 pm: This will be the full presentation (including technical details, benchmarking, final results, etc.) and you will have to turn in your final reports (submitted on wiki). 

Location: Keating Room 433.  Note:  This is a secure building and we'll meet you at the cafe on the ground floor to let you in.

Wednesday  12/17/2014   10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Preliminary notes:

Feature Driven Design (FDD) example from 2013 class final 


  • FDD document (what are roles, who is filling each role, what are the features)
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  1. All,

        Has anyone had luck importing the na_dem from Tyson's iplant into grass?  I finally got it to warp into the right projection, but as soon as I import it into grass its size become 0.0 and theres nothing there. 

        Does anyone have any advice or solutions to this, or another way to get the 1Km daymet dem?

  2. Saw a familiar face on the TV today!