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All homework will be submitted here.  Even through several homework assignments are group projects, each student is responsible for turning in their own homework assignment.

  • Homework's Goals
    • Practice using various cyberinfrastructure components
    • Practice working as a team
    • Practice "virtual" skills: 
      • Documenting on a wiki
      • Code versioning (github)
      • Remote computing: (letting computers do work while you are doing something else)
      • Coordinating with other people (everyone is busy)
      • Communicating effectively and clearly
    • Practice effective communication skills:
      • The importance of this cannot be over stated
  • Remember: 
    • Homework is 20% of your grade.
    • Do the homework: they will be essential for the midterm and final projects
    • Use other people's work to help you complete your assignment
      • Make sure to reference them and give them credit
    • Ask for help from other students!
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  1. Please do not post your homework embedded in a document that needs to be downloaded.  This makes it more difficult for me to grade and more difficult for others to discovery information in your work.  Future homework that is posted as an attachment (word/oo/pdf) will not be graded.

  2. New policy:  homework is due one hour before class.  That way I can grade them before class.