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Adding resources to a dataset

There are a number of different resources you can add to a dataset, including datasets, files, images, mex files, stores, templates, and users. You also can add the same items from a query.

  1. Launch BisQue.
     How do I do it?

     Click Sign in at the top right of the window, click Sign in again, enter your CyVerse user name, and then click Login. If you haven't already done so, you will need to get access to BisQue. Learn more about logging in and out of BisQue at Logging In and Out of BisQue.

  2. Click Browse at the top, and then click dataset.
  3. Click to open the dataset to use.
    The list of resources in the dataset is displayed.
  4. Click next to Add images and select the resource type to add to the dataset:
  5. In the Resource Browser window, click the resource or resources to use and then click Select at the bottom of the window.
    To select multiple resources, hold the Shift button as you select the resource.
  6. Repeat for each resource to add to the dataset.