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To find a resource — dataset, file, image, mex file, store, template, or user — you can browse through collections, or filter, sort, and order the list of your resources or of all public resources. You also can search using a specific query or tag.

Browsing for a resource

  1. Launch BisQue.
     How do I do it?

     Click Sign in at the top right of the window, click Sign in again, enter your CyVerse user name, and then click Login. If you haven't already done so, you will need to get access to BisQue. Learn more about logging in and out of BisQue at Logging In and Out of BisQue.

  2. Click Browse at the top of the screen:
  3. Select the resource type on which to search.

Searching by metadata tags

You can perform searches on metadata tags, using the * (asterisk) wildcard; Boolean expressions of and, or, and ( ); and metadata attributes. This allows you to perform powerful searches with more specificity, such as by project and date.
For more information on metadata tags in BisQue, see Adding Graphical and Textual (Metadata) Annotations to Resources.

  1. From the BisQue home screen, click in the search field to view the list and examples of query tags to use.
  2. Enter the query string to use and press .