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Some settings can be changed in BisQue and others must be changed within the CyVerse User Management Portal, since the two are linked.

  1. Launch BisQue.
     How do I do it?

     Click Sign in at the top right of the window, click Sign in again, enter your CyVerse user name, and then click Login. If you haven't already done so, you will need to get access to BisQue. Learn more about logging in and out of BisQue at Logging In and Out of BisQue.

  2. Click at the top right of the screen and then click Profile.
  3. In the edit window:
    • To change your email, contact CyVerse Support with the email to use.
    • To change your display name, click in the Display Name field and edit the name.
    • To change your password, see Resetting Your Password.

For more information on changing your profile information, see Manage Account on the website.


  1. Suggestion: A short-term solution could be to:

    Delete all information except the instructions directing users to the CyVerse User Portal or Support. In other words,

    Do NOT to edit your profile using the Bisque interface.

    For more information on changing your profile information, see Manage Account on the website. (THIS LINK IS BROKEN.)

  2. Links are fixed.