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Bisque User Manual

Maintenance Notice for July 23, 2019

On Tuesday, July 23, CyVerse will be performing a Ceph storage upgrade from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM MST. This is not expected to cause disruptions to the affected services. The services to be upgraded include:
- CyVerse authentication (CAS), which provides authentication to CyVerse web applications, e.g., the Discovery Environment and User Portal
- Atmosphere
- Any "Powered by CyVerse" systems or other hosted systems on Tombstone Cloud (please ask if you are unsure)
- Hosted Jupyter Notebooks on

To view the maintenance times for your location:

Please contact with any questions or concerns.







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You first rotate the image in BisQue, download it to your system, and then upload it back to BisQue.

  1. Launch BisQue.
     How do I do it?

     Click Sign in at the top right of the window, click Sign in again, enter your CyVerse user name, and then click Login. If you haven't already done so, you will need to get access to BisQue. Learn more about logging in and out of BisQue at Logging In and Out of BisQue.

  2. Rotate the image:
    1. Click Browse and then click image.
    2. Click the image to open.
    3. Click Operations and then click Convert.
    4. In the Image Converter dialog, select the Rotate button, and then click on the right side of the row to open the rotation angle settings:
    5. Select the rotation angle for the image.
  3. Download the file:
    1. Click the Format drop-down list at the bottom.
    2. Select the file format for the saved image. The image is rotated and saved to your system.
  4. Upload the image back to the BisQue image repository.
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