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You can share resources you own (datasets, files, images, mex, stores, and templates, and users).

When you do so, you can set the permission level for the user either to read or edit, which allows the user to add metadata; add new shares; and notify users about new shares. You also can change the visibility setting for the resource either to private, which allows only the owner and shared users to view it, or to published, which allows everyone to view it but only the owner and its shared users to edit it.

  1. Launch BisQue.
     How do I do it?

     Click Sign in at the top right of the window, click Sign in again, enter your CyVerse user name, and then click Login. If you haven't already done so, you will need to get access to BisQue. Learn more about logging in and out of BisQue at Logging In and Out of BisQue.

  2. Click Browse at the top of the screen and then click the type of resource to share.
  3. Click to switch to Edit mode.
  4. Hover over the resource to share until the Hand cursor is displayed.
  5. Click and then click Share.
  6. Click to open the resource to share.
  7. Click Share on the toolbar.


    If prompted that you are not the owner of the resource, click Cancel. To share the resource, you must first download, rename, and upload it as a new resource to your BisQue repository.

    The Sharing window opens, displaying the list of users with whom you have already shared the resource.

    • To add a user to the list, search for the user by username or email (enter the email address if the user is not listed) and click Add share.
    • To change permissions: Click either the View or Edit checkbox for each user to change the user's sharing settings for the resource.
  8. To notify users of the shared resource: Click Notify users to email all users in the share list. They will receive an email with instructions on how to log in and retrieve the resource.
  9. When done, click Save.