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Most scientists are used to generating and analyzing data, but more and more, scientists are publishing their data or discovering and reusing published data. CyVerse has features that allow researchers to manage data throughout the life cycle, and this section provides links to some of those features.

Data Generation

Most CyVerse users generate their data externally and bring it into CyVerse for analysis. For information on how to bring data into CyVerse, see the wiki page on Downloading and Uploading Data

Through CyVerse analysis tools, you may generate new data on the CyVerse Data Store.

For analyses run in the Discovery Environment, the data is stored in the Analyses folder in your home directory (unless you specify a different output directory). You can use the Analyses Window to view the parameters associated with the any output data created in the Discovery Environment (see Using the Analyses Window). 

Data Analysis

CyVerse offers several platforms for analyzing data. For beginner, have a look at the Discovery Environment Manual or the Atmosphere Manual.

Data Publication

See the page on Publishing Data through the Data Commons.

Data Discovery


Data Reuse


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