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About downloading files and folders

You can download data items from another CyVerse user to your computer using either simple download, or using Cyberduck to do a bulk download. You also can download data items outside the DE; some methods allow download without an CyVerse user account. For more information, see Downloading and Uploading Data and Downloading Data Files Without a User Account.

  • Simple download allows you to download single or multiple files (but not folders), and does not require any external app installation or configuration.
  • Bulk download allows you to download multiple files and folders, and requires installation and configuration of Cyberduck (recommended).

In addition, you can use iDrop Desktop to upload and download data files outside of the DE, download a file via a data link that was shared by another CyVerse user, and upload and import data files.

Other Access Methods

 For a comparison of the different methods of uploading and downloading data items, see Downloading and Uploading Data.

Downloading files using simple download

  1. In the Data window, search for the file or folder. You may want to add the Path column to view the path.

    To perform an advanced query, such as including or excluding words in a file or folder name, searching for metadata attribute or value, file size range, created or modified date, owner, shared recipient, or tag, see Searching for Data Items.

  2. Click Download and then click Simple Download.
    • If you selected one file:
      1. Verify Save File is selected and click OK.
      2. Browse to the folder location and click Save.
    • If you selected more than one file:
      1. Click the first file link, browse to the folder location, and click Save.
      2. Repeat for each file to download.
  3. When done, close the window.

About bulk download

The Cyberduck application, which requires installation and configuration, is the recommended method for bulk transfer of files for Mac and Windows users. It replaces the iDrop Lite Java applet and iDrop, and is available for Mac OS and Windows. LINUX users should continue to use iCommands or iDrop Desktop instead.

In addition to Cyberduck, you may still download files and folders within the DE using simple download, or upload or import files within the DE using simple upload or import from URL. You may also use iCommands. The method you use depends on the size and number of your data files, as well as your personal preferences. For a comparison of the different methods of uploading and downloading data items both within and outside the DE, see Downloading and Uploading Data.

About anonymous download (accessing data without a CyVerse account)

Users who do not have a CyVerse account can download certain data files using an anonymous login. For more information, see Downloading Data Files Without a User Account.

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