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You can rename a file or folder that is in your personal folder or one that has been shared with you. Be aware that renaming a shared item also renames it for all other users who own or have share rights to that file or folder.

You can rename a folder that contains up to 1000 items (all files within all subfolders under the parent folder). If the folder contains more than 1000 items, you must either rename the folder using iCommands, or you can create a new folder in the DE with the name to use, move up to 1000 files at a time until all files have been moved to the new folder, and then delete the older folder.

  1. In the Data window, search for the file or folder. You may want to add the Path column to view the path.


    To perform an advanced query, such as including or excluding words in a file or folder name, searching for metadata attribute or value, file size range, created or modified date, owner, shared recipient, or tag, see Searching for Data Items.

  2. In the middle section, select the data files or items (up to 1000) to rename.
  3. Click Edit and then click Rename.
  4. Enter a unique name (see Using Special Characters in the DE for notes about file and folder names), and click OK.





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