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The Apps list is categorized by your list of apps, and published apps by topic, operation, or HPC, as described in Using Apps.

You can search for a specific app or workflow by name, integrator's name, description, description, or tool in the search field. You also can browse through the categories in each tab, and view information about the tool (executable or binary used for the app) by clicking  next to the app name.

If a tool or tool version is not yet available in the DE, you can request installation of a new tool.

When you find an app you like or use frequently, you can add it to your list of Favorite Apps.

 What's an app? tool? analysis?
  • App: Interface of a tool that has been configured and made available for use in the DE. The same tool can be used in more than one app, and may also be created by different integrators with different intents and interfaces.
  • Tool: Software program (executable binary or executable) that is installed on a server and integrated into the back end of the DE for use in DE apps.
  • Analysis: Detailed examination of data performed in the DE by selecting one or more apps to perform a desired task for the purpose of discussion or interpretation.

  1. In the Apps window, enter a search term in the Search Apps field – app or workflow name, integrator's name, tool name, or part of the app description. As you type, the list of matching apps updates dynamically. If you are searching for an HPC app and have not yet done so, click the prompt to log in to the Agave server.
  2. In the results list, click the app or workflow name to select the app. To learn more about the item, click the icon.

 Wondering why an app has a funny symbol or is no longer in the list?

Apps with are disabled and currently not available for use.
Apps with are public apps that have not yet been vetted by the CyVerse team.

Apps with are private apps that you either you created or that have been shared with you by another user.

If an app is no longer returned in a search query, it may have been deprecated as part of the app recategorization efforts. You can use a similar app by searching for an app with a similar name or that uses the same tool. If you are the app integrator or need access to the app from a link in a publication, contact CyVerse Support at for assistance.

It's also possible you haven't authenticated to the HPC server. You are prompted to log in to the server when you log in to the DE, open the Apps window, or click the HPC tab. Once you have authenticated, you won't see the prompt again unless major changes to the HPC server require re-authentication, which should happen rarely. So if the app you are searching for is in the HPC list, logging in will return the app to you in search results.

See Submitting an Analysis for steps on how to submit an analysis using the app.

About deprecated apps

If an app name is not returned in a search, the app may have been deprecated. You may want to search for a similar app or contact the integrator to see if there is a suitable alternative or a possibility of unarchiving the app. If you are the app integrator and want to unarchive an app, contact Support for assistance.

If you haven't yet authenticated to the HPC server, HPC apps will not be returned in search results. To do so, click the HPC tab to receive the prompt and then authenticate, or close and reopen the DE to receive the prompt and log in to the Agave server.

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