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Command line order determines the order in which the arguments are sent to the app. Many command line apps only work properly when arguments are listed in a specific order.

By default, the argument order is assigned the order in which it appears in the app. You can reorder the arguments.

  1. To create a new app, or copy or edit an existing one:
    • To create a new app or workflow from scratch, either:
      • Open the Apps window, click Apps on the toolbar for an app or Workflow for a workflow, and then click Create New.
      • Click the tool name from the Manage Tools window.
    • To create your own version or edit one you already published, select the app or workflow in the Public Apps folder, click either Apps or Workflow, and then click Copy.
    • To edit an unpublished app or workflow you are working on, select the app or workflow in your Apps under development folder, click either Apps or Workflow, and then click Edit.
  2. Click Argument order on the toolbar. The Command line order window opens.
  3. Drag the argument to move to the desired location in the list.
  4. Repeat until all of the arguments are in the correct order.
  5. Click Done.