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You can share files and folders you own in your personal folder with any CyVerse user via the Discovery Environment.

By default, recipients with accounts receive read-only permissions to the specifically shared data item, folder, or subfolder. The owner who shared the item can change the permission level to write, own, or back to read for each recipient on a per-item basis. Changing to own grants full rights (ability to rename, move, and delete) to the item so should be done with care. You also can unshare the file or folder on a per-item basis.

Files and folders that have been shared via the DE can be accessed in the user's Shared With Me folder in his or her Data list in the DE. Clicking the notification of the shared file also opens the folder.

For instructions on how recipients can access shared items, see Accessing Shared Files and Folders. CyVerse users can also create a list of those Collaborators you most frequently share with, and request a permanent identifier (a DOI or ARK) for easy sharing.

Data files of up to 2 GB can be shared with the public and anonymous users (no account required) by sending a Public Link for files you own, which allows anyone with the link to download the file in order to view, analyze, and manipulate it on his or her system, independent of the CyVerse Data Store or the need for an account.

Before you begin, you may want to watch a video about data sharing in the Discovery Environment (current for version 1.6).

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