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All analyses—both DE and Agave—now can be shared in any status within the DE beginning with the 2.11 release. When you do so, the output results files, input files, and parameters you used in the analysis are shared.

About Sharing Permissions


When sharing an analysis that used an unpublished Agave app, it is important to understand that sharing permissions for Agave apps are different from sharing permissions for DE apps. Unless you are an Agave expert, we recommend that you set permissions for your unpublished Agave app within the DE rather than within Agave in order to avoid possible conflicts.

Opening the Select Collaborators window

  1. In the Analyses window, click the checkbox for the analysis to share.
  2. Click the Share menu and then click Share with collaborators.
  3. Click Choose Collaborators.

Sharing an analysis with a collaborator

  1. In the Select Collaborators window, either:
    • Select an existing collaborator with whom you want to share the analysis by clicking a name in your list and then clicking OK. For information on creating and managing your collaborators list, see Adding and Deleting Users from the Collaborators List in Preferences.
      - or -
    • Add and share the analysis with a new collaborator by clicking Manage Collaborators, entering the first few letters of the user to add, clicking the user, and then clicking OK.

Both the owner and the recipient receive notification that the analysis has been shared.

Unsharing an analysis with a collaborator

  1. In the Select Collaborators window for the analysis, click the user's name for the sharing to revoke.
  2. Click  .
  3. Click Done.
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