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Public DE apps can be rated and commented on by other CyVerse users. This is useful for providing feedback such as questions about how to use the app, suggestions for improvements, errors in the app or app documentation, useful tips, or letting the integrator and other users know how you use the app.

The Apps list has a Rating column containing 5 stars, ranging from 1 (Not Useful) to 5 (Exceptional). Red stars are the average user rating given by other users, yellow stars are the rating you gave the app, and no stars mean the app has not yet been rated by you or others. The number of ratings that have been received by users toward the rating is also displayed.

Rating an app


This feature is not available for Agave apps.

  1. In the Apps window, find the app to rate.
     Wondering why an app has a funny symbol or is no longer in the list?

    Apps with are disabled and currently not available for use.
    Apps with are public apps that have not yet been vetted by the CyVerse team.

    Apps with are private apps that you either you created or that have been shared with you by another user.

    If an app is no longer returned in a search query, it may have been deprecated as part of the app recategorization efforts. You can use a similar app by searching for an app with a similar name or that uses the same tool. If you are the app integrator or need access to the app from a link in a publication, contact CyVerse Support at for assistance.

    It's also possible you haven't authenticated to the HPC server. You are prompted to log in to the server when you log in to the DE, open the Apps window, or click the HPC tab. Once you have authenticated, you won't see the prompt again unless major changes to the HPC server require re-authentication, which should happen rarely. So if the app you are searching for is in the HPC list, logging in will return the app to you in search results.

    Red stars are the average rating given by other users, if any.
    Yellow stars, if displayed, indicate the rating you gave the app.
    1=Not useful, 2=Poor, 3=Works, 4=Very useful, 5=Exceptional
    The number to the right of the stars indicates the number of users who have rated the app.
  2. To rate an app, click the star that denotes your rating for the app:

    The stars are now yellow to denote your rating and Unrate is displayed to the right of your rating.
  3. To change your rating, click the star that more accurately reflects your opinion of the app.
  4. To remove a rating:
    1. Click Favorite Apps on the My Apps tab.
    2. Click Unrate to the right of the yellow stars to remove your rating for the app.

Viewing and adding app comments


This feature is not available for Agave apps.

  1. To view other users' comments about an app:
    1. Find the app whose comments you want to view.
    1. Click on the right side of the app row.
    2. View the comments at the bottom of the page.
  2. To add a comment or reply to a comment:
    1. Click on the right side of the app row.
    2. Enter your comments in the lower box and click Add.
  3. To remove a comment, click the comment in the top section and then click Retract.
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