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Apps are the mechanism you use in the DE to submit your analysis. See Using the Apps Window and Submitting an Analysis for information on submitting an analysis and navigating within the Apps window.

You can view information about the app interface and the tool (executable or binary) used for the app in the Information window.

For an overview of the Apps window menus, see Using the Apps Window and Submitting an Analysis.

Viewing an app

Once you have identified the app to use, click it to open the app window.

Each app has a basic set of standard interface elements, as shown in this example of FASTX quality filter:


App name, as defined by the app's integrator.


Window icons.



  • Contents of each panel are defined by the integrator who created the app. The first panel is where you enter specifics about the analysis, including the analysis name, description, selected output folder, and whether to have input files returned with the analysis output files.
  • Note the red asterisks * on the second and third panels, indicating that they contain a required field. Each required field also has a red asterisk.


Click to open or close a panel.


Click to launch the analysis. Note that you must complete all required fields in the analysis before the analysis can be launched.

Main steps to submitting an analysis

This is a brief overview of the main steps required to submit an analysis.

Before you begin, you may want to view a video about running analyses in the Discovery Environment. Please note that this is for release version 1.6, and may look and function differently from this release.

  1. In the Apps window, click to open the app to use.
  2. Select the input data file or files and specify the settings.
  3. Launch the analysis.
  4. View progress of the analysis in the Notifications list.
  5. When the analysis is completed, review the results in the Analyses window, including:

See Submitting an Analysis for more complete steps.

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