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  1. Hi there,

    I need to use iCommands to download certain sets of data but learned that I was unable to connect.

    I did my account configuration on my server several weeks ago and managed to download two sets of data. But this time when I entered the same password that I used for the first time it gave me these error messages:

    ERROR: [-] iRODS/lib/core/src/sockComm.cpp:1289:sendStartupPack :  status [SYS_INVALID_INPUT_PARAM]  errno [] -- message []

     [-] iRODS/lib/core/src/sockComm.cpp:1365:sendRodsMsg :  status [SYS_INVALID_INPUT_PARAM]  errno [] -- message [failed to resolve network interface]

     [-] iRODS/lib/core/src/irods_tcp_object.cpp:95:resolve :  status [SYS_INVALID_INPUT_PARAM]  errno [] -- message []

     [-] iRODS/lib/core/src/irods_network_manager.cpp:93:init_from_type :  status [SYS_INVALID_INPUT_PARAM]  errno [] -- message [Failed to load network plugin]

     [-] iRODS/lib/core/src/irods_network_manager.cpp:74:load_network_plugin :  status [SYS_INVALID_INPUT_PARAM]  errno [] -- message []

     [-] iRODS/lib/core/include/irods_load_plugin.hpp:155:load_plugin :  status [SYS_INVALID_INPUT_PARAM]  errno [] -- message []

     [-] iRODS/lib/core/include/irods_load_plugin.hpp:53:resolve_plugin_path :  status [SYS_INVALID_INPUT_PARAM]  errno [] -- message [does not exist [/var/lib/irods/plugins/network]]


    ERROR: connectToRhost: sendStartupPack to failed, status = -130000 status = -130000 SYS_INVALID_INPUT_PARAM

    ERROR: _rcConnect: connectToRhost error, server on is probably down status = -130000 SYS_INVALID_INPUT_PARAM

    Can anyone troubleshoot this problem?

    Many thanks,


  2. The comment above was addressed via Intercom (our help channel). 

    To contact CyVerse support, please click on the Intercom link (small blue text balloon) from any of our platforms, including