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In addition to sharing data in your personal Data folder, CyVerse account users can share data files they own with the public and anonymous users.

  • Community Contributed Data directory in the Discovery Environment contains data folders and files that have been shared by CyVerse users. These files do not have permanent identifiers, and their location and contents may change. Maximum file size is 2 TB, though you can request more if needed, and you can set the permission levels for the file. For more information on sharing data in the DE, see Storing Your Data with CyVerse and Accessing that Data.
  • CyVerse Curated Data (formerly Data Commons Repository or DCR) contains data folders and files that have been assigned a permanent identifier—either a DOI or an ARK—by CyVerse. There is a 2 GB file size limit for downloading data through the CyVerse Curated Data site, though larger files may be downloaded with anonymous access using a different mode such as Cyberduck or iCommands.

Both Community Contributed and Curated Data may be available either for public sharing with other logged-in CyVerse users (public access), for use by the general public without the a CyVerse account or login (anonymous access), or privately shared with specific logged-in CyVerse users (private access).

For information on downloading public data without an account, see Downloading Data Files Without a User Account.

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Steps for sharing data in Community Contributed Data

Step 1: Request a new Community Data folder

  1. Check to see if a top-level folder already exists for the file you want to share for public, anonymous, or private use.

    1. Go either to the Community Data folder in the DE, or go to the Data Commons site and click Community Released.

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  2. Do one of the following:
    • If the folder already exists in the Community Data folder, skip to Step 2 to upload the files to the Community Data folder. To add anonymous access to a folder after it has already been created, contact CyVerse Support at
    • If a top-level folder does not already exist, email CyVerse Support at to request a new folder and include the following information:
  • Project name.
  • Project URL, if available.
  • Description of the project.
    Principal Investigator(s) of the project.
  • Unique short directory name: The folder name that will be displayed in the Community Contributed Data folder. Permissible characters are letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens. For more information, see Using Special Characters in the DE.
  • The requesting user's name, and the username and email address associated with the CyVerse account.
  • If the directory will contain test data for an app you created in the DE, include the name and version of the tool (executable or binary) that you used to create the app. (If you aren't sure, see Viewing App and Tool Information.)

  • To share with anonymous users (users without a CyVerse account): Indicate that you would like the data to also be accessible to anonymous users. If you expect to store more than 2 TB of data in the Community Contributed Data folder, indicate the size request.

    Maximum 2 GB download size for Curated Data


    There is a 2 GB file size limit on files that can be downloaded directly from the CyVerse Curated Data site by users without a CyVerse account. If you want to share files larger than 2 GB in the CyVerse Curated Data site, users will need to download the file using either Cyberduck or iCommands. For more information, see Downloading Data Files Without a User Account.

       3.  Email your request to CyVerse Support ( CyVerse Support will notify you, usually within two business days, when the directory has been created and you have been granted write privileges to the new directory.

For more information on how users access anonymous downloads, see Downloading Data Files Without a User Account.

Step 2: Upload files to your folder

After CyVerse Support has notified you that your folder has been added to the Community Contributed Data folder, you can use the DE to create subfolders under the folder, upload your files to the folder, share files in the folder with specified CyVerse users, and set permission levels for CyVerse users (not available for anonymous download in the CyVerse Curated Data site). For information on downloading data files from the CyVerse Curated Data site with anonymous login, see Downloading Data Files Without a User Account.

Step 3: Send the file's URL to users

Sifting through mountains of files on the CyVerse Curated Data or Community Created sites can be daunting since there is no Search function. To help users quickly download your file, you may want to send the file's URL to users in your project who do not have a CyVerse account. To share a file or folder with a CyVerse user in the Discovery Environment, see Sharing Data Files and Folders.

  1. Go to the CyVerse Data Commons site.
  2. Click either Community Released or CyVerse Curated.
  3. Navigate to the folder containing the file to share.
  4. Click the filename to open the file.
  5. Copy the URL in the address bar, and email or message it to the recipients.

About file size download limitations

If the file size is larger than 2 GB, the user will be directed to other download options in the Download Options tab. For more information, see Downloading Data Files Without a User Account.