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2011 08 23  Lushbough

Goals of the Meeting

I would expect our meeting to be very informal!  The items I would like to discuss are primarily our year one goals:

  • User authentication across platforms

Edwin and Nirav: Introduction to CAS and iPlant auth system and easy ways to consume it

  • Add tools to an iPlant DE

Eric Lyons: Intro DE and TiTO the tool integration interface 

  • Add DE tool to the BioExtract Server

Matt Vaughn and others: Use of iPlant Foundation API's 

  • Execute a DE tool from within the BioExtract Server

Matt Vaughn and other (including Edwin for current execution pool).  Use of iPlant Foundation API's 

  • Use a DE file as input into a tool in the BioExtract Server

 Nirav and Edwin 

  • Save the output of a tool in a DE

Nirav and Edwin 

  • Incorporating BioExtract/iPlant functionality into training workshops

Eric Lyons and Uwe Hilgert 

  • Gaining user input into tools to be integrated

Use of feedback forums/OSGA on going activities at iPlant 

  • Anything else you deem important!

Long term strategies to enable integration through the iPlant gateway model. 

Steps (and benefits) for developing a ecosystem of interoperable analysis tools with iPlant CI

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