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Ravi Palanivelu; Ramin Yadegari


CyVerse Trainers

Eric Lyons, Jeremy DeBarry, Upendra Devisetty

Date and Time

March 18, 2016, 2-5pm



University of Arizona, Tucson (Marriott Hotel, Ventana Room)


Information on 24th International Congress on Sexual Plant Reproduction

Workshop Checklist and Software Downloads - Please Review and Complete to Prepare

1. CyVerse (formerly iPlant Collaborative) Account

  • Get your free account at  (Make sure to REMEMBER your username and password.) Please register with an institutional email account as only this will give you access to the CyVerse cloud service Atmosphere (see next bullet). Please avoid gmail, yahoo, hotmail and the like for your CyVerse registration as you would not be able to register for Atmosphere with those.

2. Atmosphere Access

  • Once you have your account, go to and under Available Services, request access  to Atmosphere. Indicate that you are attending a workshop when you are asked for justification (This will only be granted if you registered for CyVerse using an institutional account; see above).
    • Some users may be asked for additional information, including a Project Title,  Project, Scientific, and Technical descriptions, and Resources Required.  If you are prompted for this information, indicate in all required fields that you are, 'Requesting an Atmosphere account for the University of Arizona Tools and Services Workshop on 3/18/2016'.  For resources, you can enter 'Workshop Minimum'.

3. CoGe Account

4. Laptop

Please bring your own WiFi enabled laptop to the workshop.  Make sure your laptop has the following:

The following are optional for the workshop, but required if you wish to complete all exercises in the workshop packet:

5. Pre-workshop Homework:

Workshop Program (March 18)



Slides / Workshop Packet Page Numbers




Arrive / Sign-in / Verify CyVerse Accounts 

Introductions of instructors

Your choice to follow along:

Eric, Jeremy, Upendra


Overview of CyVerse



CyVerse Data Store - Managing "Big Data"








Overview of the CyVerse Discovery Environment (DE)

Overview of Atmosphere (Brief)

Example Science Applications (Very Brief)

4:00Genome management, visualization, and analysis: RNASeq, variant calling, comparative genomics with CoGeKeynote, PDF, and PPTEric Lyons


Workshop summary and conclusion

Eric, Jeremy, Upendra




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