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Genetics Society of America - The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC) 2016

CyVerse Trainers

Joslynn Lee, Jason Williams, Jerry Lu

Date and Time

July 16, 2016, 8-10am


Orlando Marriott World Center, Grand Ballroom 1


How to get the most out of this workshop

  • This workshop is primarily a series of short demos.
  • Experience and attendee feedback has shown that most users in this setting (attending a major conference, potentially limited internet, lecture seating) are usually looking to evaluate and follow up with information rather than detailed training
  • Slides and tutorials will be available at this link for follow up at your own pace.
  • The workshop will conclude with resources on how to follow up and get more help and training.

Workshop program

Visit the CyVerse booth

For additional questions after the workshop, see us at booth 527; Open till 12PM on Saturday.

Post-workshop checklist and software downloads

1. Obtain a CyVerse Account

  • Get your free account at  If possible, please register with an institutional (e.g. .edu, .org, .gov) email account ; only accounts linked to institutions can be granted access to Atmosphere.

2. Obtain Atmosphere Access

  • Once you have your account, go to and under Available Services, request access  to Atmosphere. Indicate that you are attending a workshop when you are asked for justification (This will only be granted if you registered for CyVerse using an institutional account; see above).

3. Setup your computer for CyVerse

Most CyVerse platforms only require a web browser. All users are encouraged to use Cyberduck for their data uploads (GUI); iCommands can be used for access to the Data Store services. 

The following are optional for the workshop, but required if you wish to complete all exercises in the workshop packet:

Information on The Allied Genetics Conference

  • GSA’s mission is to deepen our understanding of the living world by advancing the field of genetics.
  • A core focus is to foster an international community of genetics by promoting interaction among geneticists.


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