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LocationCyVerse ContactEvent ContactNotes
Society for Integrative and Comparative BiologyConference

01/04/2017 to 01/08/2017

New Orleans, LABlake JoyceDon Mykles, Karen Burnett, David Durica, Jonathon Stillman, Carl Schmidt, Fiona McCarthy

Wiki page/report

Workshop and booth at SICB

Get Started with CyVerseWebinar


OnlineJason Williams Regular monthly webinar for new account holders
XXV International Plant and Animal Genome Meeting (PAG)Conference

01/14/2017 to 01/18/2017

San Diego, CAJason Williams See planned events
Get Started with CyverseWebinar02/08/2017OnlineJason Williams Regular monthly webinar for new account holders
ASPB PhenomeConference02/10/2017 to 02/14/2017Tucson, AZBlake Joyce Attendees: Ramona Walls, Blake Joyce, Tyson Swetnam, Upendra Devisetty, Eric Lyons
Phenotyping HackathonHackathon02/14/2017 to 02/16/2017Tucson, AZEric LyonsJennifer Clarke (UNL), David LeBauer (NCSA/TERRA), Carolyn Lawrence-Dill (ISU), Argelia Lorence (Ark SU), April Agee Carroll (Purdue U)Details TBD
WQ-MAKER: A flexible, scalable genome annotation pipeline on Jetstream cloudWebinar02/24/2017Online

Martha Narro

Upendra Devisetty


26 registrants

Software/Date Carpentry WorkshopWorkshop02/24/2017 to 02/25/2017University of ArizonaUwe Hilgert 

112 applicants, 41 participants.

Applicant breakdown

BIO 29%, MIS 23%, MED 17%, Space 6%, ENGR 5%, and SBS, Optics and GEO each 3%

Graduate Students 55%, Staff 15%, Ugraduates 9%, Postdocs 9%, Faculty 7%, Industry & Government 6%

Get Started with CyVerseWebinar03/08/2017OnlineJason Williams Regular monthly webinar for new account holders
CyVerse UK WorkshopWorkshop03/20/2017 to 03/21/2017University of York.Jason Williams See information and agenda here: (50)
Transcriptomics with Non-Model OrganismsWebinar03/24/2017Online

Martha Narro

Blake Joyce


49 registrants, 29 participants

Get Started with CyVerseWebinar04/05/2017OnlineJason Wiliams Regular monthly webinar for new account holders
AgBioDataWorkshop04/18/2017 to 04/20/2017Salt Lake CityRamona WallsLisa Harper

Attendees: Ramona Walls, Jason Williams, Liya Wang, James Carson

 Working groups included data access with APIs. Will produce a white paper for USDA and NSF.


Transcriptomics with Non-Model Organisms (Part 2)Webinar04/28/2017Online

Martha Narro

Blake Joyce


50 registrants, 7 participants

Open Data Science ConferenceConference05/04/2017 to 05/05/2017BostonKapeel Chougule Report
Get Started WebinarWebinar05/10/2017OnlineJason Williams Regular monthly webinar for new account holders
Systems Biology WorkshopConference & Workshop05/15/2017 to 05/24/2017Melbourne, AustraliaRamona WallsGerman Spangenberg

Theoretical and practical workshop organized by AgriBio, Centre for AgriBioscience, La Trobe University.


Get Started WebinarWebinar06/07/2017OnlineJason Williams Regular monthly webinar for new account holders
Plant Biology 2017Conference06/23/2017 to 06/28/2017Honolulu, HIJason Williams Annual ASPB Conference. There will be a CyVerse Booth as well as a CyVerse Talk and Bioinformatics Session chaired by J. Williams
Genomics Data CarpentryWorkshop06/30/2017Cold Spring Harbor, NYJason Williams 

Attendees: Jason Williams, Kapeel Chougule

1-day Data Carpentry workshop at CSHL Plant Biology summer course.

Tools and Services WorkshopWorkshop07/06/2017Fayetteville, AKJason WilliamsDouglas Rhoads2017 CyVerse Workshop at University of Arkansas
Genomics Data CarpentryWorkshop07/07/2017 to 07/08/2017Fayetteville, AKJason WilliamsDouglas Rhoads2017 CyVerse Workshop at University of Arkansas
Tools and Services/ Genomics in Education WorkshopWorkshop07/10/2017 to 07/12/2017Harrisonburg, VAJason WilliamsRay Enke2017 CyVerse Workshop at James Madison University
ANGUS: Analyzing High Throughput Sequencing DataWorkshop06/26/2017 to 07/08/2017UC DavisUpendra DevisettyTitus BrownNo cost to CyVerse. Devisetty will be lead instructor for this 2 week workshop.
Tools and Services WorkshopWorkshop06/26/2017 to 06/28/2017Jeonju, South KoreaJawon Song Tools and Services Workshop at Rural Development Administration
Get Started WebinarWebinar07/19/2017OnlineJason Williams Regular monthly webinar for new account holders
New and Improved RNA-Seq WorkflowWebinar07/21/2017OnlineTina LeeKapeel ChouguleMaterials
International Botanical CongressConference07/23/2017 to 07/29/2017Schenzhen, ChinaRamona Walls Happens every 6 years. Ramona will be in China anyway, so will present on CyVerse and an ECS project.
Ecological Society of AmericaConference08/06/2017 to 08/11/2017Portland, ORTyson, Jason  
Get Started WebinarWebinar08/09/2017OnlineJason Williams Regular monthly webinar for new account holders
NCBI HackathonHackathon08/14/2017 to 08/26/2017Bethesda, MDJason WilliamsBen Busby (NCBI Outreach Lead)Jason will participate as a team lead at a hackathon sponsored by NCBI
JupyterConConference08/22/2017 to 08/25/2017New York City

Nirav Merchant


Attendees: Nirav Merchant, Blake Joyce, Edwin Skidmore, Paul Sarando, Kapeel Chogule
Software Carpentry WorkshopWorkshop08/24/2017 to 08/25/2017Los AlamosJason Williams 

Software Carpentry Workshop at LANL

Software/Data Carpentry WorkshopWorkshop08/26/2017 to 08/27/2017Tucson, AZUwe Hilgert 86 participants
CyVerse Genomics Data Carpentry and Tools and Services WorkshopWorkshop08/28/2017 to 08/30/2017Las Cruces, NMJason Williams 2017 CyVerse Workshop at New Mexico State University
Software Carpentry WorkshopWorkshop09/09/2017 to 09/10/2017Tucson, AZBlake JoyceRobert Henderson

Workshop put on by the HLT and Linguistics department. Designed to be self-sustaining each year from here on out by the HLT/NLP/Linguistics Department. Blake taught two hours of using Atmosphere and Juypter Notebooks.

19 participants

Get Started with CyVerseWebinar09/13/2017OnlineJason Williams Regular monthly webinar for new account holders
Focus Forum: Data StoreWebinar09/15/2017OnlineTina LeeNirav Merchant, Ramona WallsMaterials
Cotton Inc. Cotton Breeders TourSymposium09/26/2017Tucson, AZRamona WallsJudith BrownHalf day symposium highlighting UA research relevant to cotton breeders. RW presented a CyVerse overview. ~100 attendees
SACNAS Pre-Conference 2017Conference/Workshop10/18/2017Salt Lake City, UTAmanda CookseyJoslynn Lee (HHMI, CyVerse User) and Rolando Madrid (SACNAS Director of Programs)

Amanda and Joslynn will lead a half-day workshop "Data Platforms for Life Science Researchers" partnering with Galaxy and Software & Data Carpentry. 27 participants for CyVerse and 28 participants for SW-DC.

Registration Site and CyVerse Wiki

Joslynn gave two SACNAS conference session presenting on CyVerse at the "Resources and Techniques for Training Students in Computational Skills" and "Using Cyberinfrastructure to Enable Data Intensive Research, Collaboration, and Education in Plant Genomics" (~20-25 attendees for each session)

Sixth Annual Workshop of the Clinical and Translational Science Ontology GroupConference/workshop10/25/2017 to 10/26/2017Ann Arbor MichiganRamona WallsOliver He, Amanda Hicks

Ramona presented 2 talks: MEOWL: Microbial Environments described using OWL  (from the iMicrobe project) and Using cyberinfrastructure to make life sciences data FAIR: lessons learned.

~45 participants

Focus Forum: Leveraging CyVerse for Large-scale Spatial AnalysisWebinar10/27/2017OnlineTina LeeTyson SwetnamMaterials
Get Started with CyVerseWebinar11/15/2017OnlineJason Williams Regular monthly webinar for new account holders
Toronto Area Bioinformatics User Group Seminar TorBUGSeminar11/29/2017Toronto, CAJason Williams Invited seminar; presented on training efforts in bioinformatics: slides
Half-day workshop on Bioinformatics tools for Plant GenomicsWorkshop11/29/2017Cold Spring Harbor

Kapeel Chougule, Liya Wang, Jason Williams

 Half-day workshop featuring Gramene, CyVerse, and Apollo at CSHL Plant Genomics/Biotechnology meeting
Get Started with CyVerseWebinar12/13/2017OnlineJason Williams Regular monthly webinar for new account holders
American Geophysical Union (AGU)Conference12/11/2017 to 12/16/2017New Orleans, LATyson Swetnam 


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