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LocationCyVerse ContactLocal ContactNotes 
Society for Integrative and Comparative BiologyConference01/07/2018San Fransisco, CABlake Joyce

Animal Genome to Phenome NSF Research Coordination Network

Don Mykles, David Durica, Jonathan Stillman, Karen Burnett

Blake gave a web presentation instead of traveling. Workshop luncheon demonstrated CyVerse, workflows available at CyVerse, and answered user questions.


NSF INCLUDES SummitConference01/08/2018 // 01/10/2018Alexandria, VAJason Williams Jason presented a poster on CyVerse EOT and networked with representatives from other NSF Center-scale research projects. 
XXVI International Plant and Animal Genome Meeting (PAG)Conference01/13/2018 // 01/17/2018San Diego, CAJason Williams See wiki page 
Materials Data Infrastructure Task ForceTask force1/22/2018Pittsburgh, PAR. WallsJustin Scott (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society)Task force to further the aims of this report. Meeting report. 17 participants 
Focus Forum Webinar: SciAppsWebinar01/26/2018virtualTina L or Shelley LL. Wang

materials on wiki page

13 participants

NSF Geospatial Software Institute WorkshopWorkshop1/28/2018 - 1/29/2018Los Angeles, CATyson SwetnamShaowen Wang (CyberGIS, University of Illinois)

Goal was to plan for spatial infrastructure

Focus Forum Webinar: iMicrobeWebinar02/09/2018virtualTina L or Shelley LB. Hurwitz

materials available on wiki page

36 participants

Software Carpentry WorkshopWorkshop02/10/2018 // 02/11/2018Tucson, AZ Uwe Hilgert (BIO5)See wiki page 
Phenome 2018Conference02/13/2018 // 02/17/2018Tucson, AZBlake Joyce 

Two presentations to the entire conference (252 attendees)

Two presentations in sessions (50-60 participants)

Booth visited by approximately 40 attendees for specific questions

Docker DemoWorkshop02/15/2018 // 02/15/2018Tucson, AZUpendra DevisettyUwe Hilgert (BIO5)  
Public Access to Research DataWorkshop22-23 Feb. 2018Alexandria, VAR. WallsMike Hildreth (Notre Dame) & Kerstin Lehnert (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia)

NSF Workshop to Gather Disciplinary Perspectives on Public Access to Data. Meeting report. 12 participants.

Focus Forum Webinar: CyVerse SDKWebinar

23 Feb

virtualTina L or Shelley LJohn Fonner

materials available on wiki page

7 participants

Astrolabe WorkshopWorkshop03/01/2018Oracle, AZR. Walls, S. MillerBryan HeidornWorkshop to ingest data into Astrolabe. Susan presented a CyVerse overview, Ramona demo'd DE metadata features. ~15 attendees. 
CyVerse Container CampWorkshop03/07/2018 // 03/09/2018Tucson, AZUpendra Devisetty Upendra Devisetty, Nirav Merchant34 registrants (of which 1 cancelled) 
CyVerse Genomics Data Carpentry and Tools and ServicesWorkshop03/07/2018 // 03/09/2018Raleigh, NCJason W.Carlos Goller (local host)CyVerse Genomics Data Carpentry and Tools and Services workshops at NC State 
Data and Image Analysis in CyVerseWorkshop03/15/2018Maricopa, AZBlakeAlison Thompson

90 minute intro to phenotyping and image analysis in CyVerse

Taught at the MAC high-throughput phenotyping week long workshop

RDA11Conference03/20/2018-03/23/2018Berlin, GermanyR. WallsMichael Hildreth, Kerstin LenhertRamona will give a CyVerse presentation at the session on data preservation. 
ASPB Southern Regional MeetingConference03/24/2018 // 03/26/2018New Orleans, LAJason Williams Jason giving invited Keynote (100) 
Data Carpentry WorkshopWorkshop04/11/2018 // 04/12/2018San Francisco, CAJason WilliamsOlga botvinnik

Hosted Data Carpentry Workshop at the Chan-Zuckerberg Biohub

(33 attendees)

CyVerse Genomics Data Carpentry and Tools and ServicesWorkshop05/16/2018 // 05/18/2018New Orleans, LAJason Williams CyVerse Genomics Data Carpentry and Tools and Services workshops at University of New Orleans (25 DC/ 25TSW) 
Amazon ResearchSeminar05/25/2018Cambridge, UKJason Williams Invited Talk: Scaling Science by Scaling People, Purpose-built Cyberinfrastructure for Life Science (40 attendees) 
Data Carpentry WorkshopWorkshop05/28/2018 // 05/29/2018Dublin, IEJason Williams Genomics Data Carpentry at University College Dublin, Co-Hosted with deNBI, Wellcome Trust (32 participants) 
CarpentryConConference05/30/2018 // 06/01/2018Dublin, IEJason Williams Jason will be participating in the conference, including activities related to the DC genomics lessons. 
GSC 20Hackathon and ConferenceMay 2-4, 2018San Diego, CA R. WallsRob Knight, UCSDRamona attended hackathon on how to better serve MIxS standards for sequence data 
Open RepositoriesConferenceJune 4-7Boseman, MTR. WallsnoneRamona presented on Identifier Services 
CyVerse Genomics Data Carpentry and Machine LearningWorkshop06/22/2018 // 06/24/2018Cold Spring Harbor, NYJason Williams We will be teaching Genomics Data Carpentry and an intro to ML module co-developed with Data Camp. 
Galaxy Community Con/BOSCConference06/25/2018 // 06/30/2018Portland, ORJason Williams This is a great target for the developer community. Jason will attend a portion. 
CSHL Frontiers and Techniques in Plant BiologyCourse07/02/2018Cold Spring Harbor, NYJason Williams Jason will give a one day lecture and lab including CyVerse and Data Carpentry 
Plant Biology 2018Conference07/14/2018 // 07/19/2018Montreal, CAJason Williams CyVerse will have a booth and co-hosting a workshop 
CyVerse Genomics Data Carpentry and Tools and ServicesConference08/13/2018 // 08/15/2018Ft. Collins, COJason Williams CyVerse Genomics Data Carpentry and Tools and Services workshops at Colorado State (Dates and campus may adjust slightly) 
SACNAS 2018Conference10/10/2018San Antonio, TXBlake JoyceJoslynn Lee

Teaching introduction to data analysis in CyVerse and SWC with the Tracy Teal.

Blake's last hurrah as a CyVerse Science Team member!

Focus Forum Webinar:  VICEWebinar11/02/2018virtualTinaUpendra Devisetty, Tyson SwetnamIntroductory level webinar on how to use VICE; materials on wiki page. 
Biological Data ScienceConference11/07/18 // 11-10-18Cold Spring Harbor, NYJason Williams Bi-annual meeting on Biological Data Science, including posters on CyVerse Education and Training (JWilliams) and SciApps (Zhenyuan). 
Focus Forum Webinar: Making your data FAIR with CyVerseWebinar11/30/2018virtualTinaRamona WallsIntroductory level webinar on how to use CyVerse features to make your data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR); materials on wiki page. 
EMBL-ABR CyVerse WebinarWebinar11/31/18Melbourne, AUJason Williams Delivered webinar on CyVerse CI including into to DE, VICE, Data Store, and Atmosphere (18 online) 
BioInfoSummerWorkshop12/03/18 // 12/07/18Perth, AUJason Williams Jason presented a talk (Improving the Bioinformatics Curriculum) and presented workshop on RNA-Seq/Single-cell RNA-Seq using CyVerse tools/learning materials. (130 talk; 27 workshop) 
CyVerse UK workshopWorkshop12/10/18 //12/12/18Norwich, UKJason Williams 3 Day workshop on CyVerse UK tools - focused on RNA-Seq (See agenda).(34 Data Carpentry 35 TSW) 

Proposed events can be found here.

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