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Molly Cohen, ADE

Local Point of Contact:

Marni Landry, PVHS


Uwe Hilgert, UA/BIO5 Institute


February 11, 2017


NW corner of 40th St. and Bell, Phoenix, Paradise Valley



Make sure you have a valid CyVerse/iPlant account:


Workshop Agenda and Resources






DNA Barcoding - Isolate DNA & Prep PCR


DNA Barcoding Protocol






DNA Barcoding - Electrophoresis and Prep DNA for Sequencing


Barcoding lab prep and planning


Analyze DNA Barcodes (Blue Line)


Blue Line Walk-through

Links to updated protocol, list of barcoding samples and gel images

 Updated protocol used in workshop (Word doc will allow you to edit doc to your own circumstances)

List of  Sample numbers / Experimentor names / Presumed name of plant / School

Gel Images for Samples #1-#9 and Samples #10-#17.

Ms. Cherry's movie of the gel that holds Samples #1-#9.

Post Workshop DNA Sequencing Results

Instructions on retrieving your results will be posted here after the workshop.

DNA Subway instructions:

Log into DNA Subway (

Start a blue line project

  1. Under 'Select Project Type' select the project type to be ‘rbcL’ barcoding
  2. Under ‘Select Sequence Source’ choose ‘Import Sequence from DNALC.’ Our sequences have a the Tracking #: 10-363917407 and are posted as the entry under Date: 02/25/2017 and Name: Uwe Hilgert.
  3. Check 'select all,' then click on 'Add Selected Files.'
  4. Provide a 'Project title.'
  5. Provide a project 'Description.'
  6. Click on 'Continue.'

Conduct the analysis following the instructions in Blue Line Walk-through.

Tip: Process at first only your own sample through all the steps. Then, as you become more familiar with DNA Subway and sequence analysis, look at some of the other sample.


Additional Links and Resources


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