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Description:  Running Bioinformatic analysis in Jupyter Notebooks is a norm today. This webinar will demonstrate how you can do metagenomics with QIIME2 on VICE (Visual Interactive Computing Environment), an extension to the the CyVerse Discovery Environment (DE). The webinar will include a short introduction to QIIME2 and a demo of QIIME2 to perform microbiome analysis from sample to analyzed data in Jupyter Notebooks in VICE. This webinar is aimed at those researchers who are new to QIIME2 or those who want to learn how to run their metagenomics analysis using QIIME2 on Jupyter Notebooks in a powerful interactive and scalable environment such as VICE.

Presenter:  Joslynn Lee, Science Education Fellow, Howard Hughes Medical Institute.  Joslynn is of the Diné (Navajo), K’awaika (Laguna Pueblo) and Haak’u (Acoma Pueblo) people. She earned a BS in Biochemistry and Cellular/Molecular Biology from Fort Lewis College, a PhD in Chemistry from Northeastern University and conducted a postdoctoral fellowship at University of Minnesota-Medical School, Duluth campus. Joslynn’s interest in science research started through the MARC program at FLC which led her to pursue a career in science. Prior to her current appointment at HHMI, she was a Data Science Educator at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s DNA Learning Center. Her teaching experience in the areas of computational chemistry/biology and data science skills has encouraged her to train bench scientists to better analyze their data. Joslynn cares about training more American Indian/Alaska Native students and their communities in genomics in a culturally appropriate way. She is active in the ACS, AISES and SACNAS communities. She is excited to be in the Science Education team and bring her expertise to fulfill the mission of HHMI.


* Joslynn's slides: VICE_Focus_Forum_2019-04-05.pdf
* Online Quick Start tutorial: within Jupyter Notebooks located in:
* Documentation: within Jupyter Notebooks located in: /iplant/home/shared/iplantcollaborative/example_data/qiime2
* Demo data set in Community Shared folder: /iplant/home/shared/iplantcollaborative/example_data/qiime2

YouTube video:


Attendance Statistics:

Registrants: 65

Attendees: 35

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