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GitHub Repository:

(star) See the Final Report: myCoGe Final Report

(star) Download the Final Presentation: myCoGe Pipeline Presentation

About the Project

The main purpose of this project is to integrate SNP variant data, and eventually other personal genomic data, from individuals who have made their genomic information public through the Personal Genome Project into the CoGe platform. The ultimate goal of this integration is to provide a background set of data allowing interested individuals to compare their own genomic data with a diverse set of other publically available data through the tools provided by CoGe. In its simplest form, the project can be summarized by the following concept map:

Additional, more detailed schematics can be found in the following files:

Full Pipeline Schematic, v. 2.0

myCoGe File Structure, v. 2.0

jBrowse Integration Concept, v.1.0

"Process/Format" Concept Map, v.1.0


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