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I'm currently having issues installing packages I need for running some of my python scripts. I have been following the instillation directions and get errors due to syntax in the script. I believe the issue may be that I'm using the newest version of python and some syntax has changes since these scripts were written. I'm not sure if working from my PC is the issue either so any help resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

I have been able to install most the modules needed to run some of my scripts but I'm currently having issues installing the last module I need. I was able to make some progress installing the module by downloading Visual Studio 2008 express in order to compile things (still not exactly sure what a compiler does so working on understand that itself). Now that I have Visual Studio working I'm running into another issue, see image below. I have been trying to google a solution but am feeling very confused about what exactly the issue is anyways. If anyone can give me a push in the right direction or knows what the problem might be I would really appreciate some help so that I can run my script instead of wasting time trying to get modules installed


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  1. Hey Josh,

    If you think it's a python version issue you can install both Python 2.7 and 3.4 on the same computer at the same time and have them coexist just fine. That way you can run scripts regardless of whether they're written for the python 2 or 3 syntax. If you install both of them, to run a script through python 2 just type "python (path to script).py" for python 3 type "?python3 (path to script).py"

    Although, don't quote me on that since I've never run python through a windows command line.


  2. Hi Josh,

    If you haven't sorted this out yet, can you give a few more details? Are you trying to use PyXML, to parse input formats from something else? Or installing something that it depends on?

    I see they have Windows binaries available (already compiled) -- are you trying to compile from source, and that's where the error occurs?