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Welcome to WiNGS 2013

WiNGS is a symposium and workshop introducing software tools and pipelines for processing, visualization, exploration, and analysis of biological data sets. The goal of WiNGS is to help life scientists learn to use bioinformatics tools and pipelines in their research.

WiNGS 2013 is Thursday 16, May 2013 through Friday, May 17 at the UNC Charlotte City Center campus.

To register for WiNGS 2013, view the schedule, and find out where to stay while in Charlotte, visit the WiNGS Web site.

About this Wiki

This collaborative wiki space contains materials from the 2013 WiNGS workshop, which is hosted by the Department of Bioinformatics and Genomics in the College of Computing and Informatics at UNC Charlotte.


WiNGS receives support from the National Science Foundation grant number 1238051 titled Genomic Approaches to Understanding Cytokinin Signaling and Function in Rice led by Principal Investigator Joe Kieber (UNC Chapel Hill) and co-PIs Ann Loraine (UNC Charlotte) and Eric Schaller (Dartmouth University).

This wiki is provided by the iPlant Collaborative. If you have questions about how to edit the wiki or about other iPlant resources, please feel free to contact iPlant Collaborative Support.

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