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Atmosphere User Manual

To keep your data safe, use a script to back up your data to the Data Store. For more information, see Backing Up and Restoring Your Data to the Data Store.

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After logging in to Atmosphere, your home screen — your Dashboard — opens, displaying several overview sections. It is your main control panel for accessing the different features.

Top menu bar

The menu items at the top of the screen help you navigate the different features of Atmosphere:


Click Dashboard in any window to return to your home page.


Projects are the landing places for the instances and volumes you use in your work. A project can have more than one instance or one volume, but each instance or volume can exist in only one project. You can create, view, add, move, and delete an instance or volume from its project, attach a volume to an instance in the same project, detach a volume from its project, and rename and delete a project. You also can report a problem with a project or its resources.


An image is a template for an instance on a virtual machine (VM) that is already installed with a specific operating system, software, and configuration for use with that setup. Atmosphere provides a number of images from which you can launch an instance, and you can request an image of an instance so you can reuse it later. 


Each cloud provider has its own set of user images, instances, resources, allocations, and options. Cloud provider resources are based on availability and reservations are required.


Resources to help you, including this user manual (where you are now), are the Ask forum, FAQs, the VNC Viewer tutorial, and contact information. Click Help to learn more. Click  at the bottom right of the screen to chat with an Atmosphere support team member during business hours.

User and Atmosphere settings

Click your username at the top right to:

Helpful Links

On This Page:

Related Pages:

Getting Started section

  • Launch New Instance: Click to open the list of images from which to choose. You use an image to launch an instance.
  • Browse Help Resources: Click to view a video tutorial, how-to guides, or email the Support team. Click  on the top menu bar to access at any time.
  • Change Your SettingsClick to change account settings, view your resource quota, or request more resources. 

Resources Used section

Shows the resources currently in use by all users by provider allocation and resources. Your instances and volumes, if any, are shown on the right.

Instance History section

Shows your history of launched instances, with activity on the right.

Footer links

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