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Atmosphere User Manual

To keep your data safe, use a script to back up your data to the Data Store. For more information, see Backing Up and Restoring Your Data to the Data Store.

New Cloud Provider

A new cloud provider, CyVerse Cloud – Marana, is now available to all users when launching an instance. CyVerse Cloud – Marana runs an updated, more resilient OpenStack version and configuration, and supports a new function called instance shelves. Similar to stopping an instance, shelving an instance shuts down an instance but does not consume time allocation. More information about shelved instances is available at Suspending, Stopping, Rebooting, Resuming, Starting, Moving, and Deleting Instances. All working images used within the last six months have been migrated to the new cloud. If you discover an image you created or use is not available on the CyVerse Cloud – Marana, please contact

Because the iPlant Cloud – Tucson cloud provider will be decommissioned soon, you should migrate your existing volume data to the new CyVerse Cloud – Marana cloud provider. One way to do this is to back up your data to the Data Store and restore it to a new volume in the new cloud provider. Instructions can be found at Backing Up and Restoring Your Data to the Data Store. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact or click the built-in chat icon at the bottom of the Atmosphere screen.



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