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Atmosphere User Manual

To keep your data safe, use a script to back up your data to the Data Store. For more information, see Backing Up and Restoring Your Data to the Data Store.

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You can create and rename volumes.

Creating volumes

  1. In Atmosphere, click Projects on the menu bar and then click the project to which you want to add a volume.

  2. Click New and then click Volume.

  3. In the Volume Details dialog:

    1. Enter the name of the volume.
    2. Select the size (GB) of the volume, up to your allotted quota.


      For larger volumes, consider using iRODS iCommands (each image has it already installed), or contact CyVerse Support to create a larger volume.

    3. Select the provider to use for the volume.
    4. Click Create volume. The volume is added to the project.
      When the status shows as Unattached you can attach it to an instance.

      Be patient


      Larger volumes may take some time to create; you may need to refresh your browser window.

    5. To request more resources, click Need more resources?
      1. Enter the amount and duration of resources you are requesting.
      2. Enter the intended usage for the resources.
      3. Click Request Resources.

      Your request will be reviewed and you will receive a response within 2 working days. For more information, see Requesting More Atmosphere Resources.

Renaming volumes

  1. Click Projects on the menu bar and then click the project with the volume to rename.

  2. Click to open the project.
  3. Click the volume name to open the volume.
  4. Hover over the volume name until a pencil icon is displayed.
  5. Click and edit the name.
  6. When done, click outside the area to save.

About inactive volumes

Volumes that have not been used for more than three (3) months will be considered inactive.

Once a volume is marked as inactive, the data is copied to the user's Data Store home directory (under /iplant/home/username/atmo/volume-name) and then the volume is deleted.

Users can request a new volume and copy their data back to the new volume. CyVerse Staff will be available to assist with restoring data to the new volume, if necessary. For more information, see the CyVerse Service Level Agreement.


For more information about volumes, see Using Volumes. You also can report a broken volume.

Next steps

Next, you may want to attach an instance to the volume.

Need help?

Click  at the bottom right of the screen to chat with an Atmosphere support team member during business hours. You also can go to Ask CyVerse for Atmosphere, or click Feedback & Support at the bottom of the screen.

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