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Atmosphere User Manual

To keep your data safe, use a script to back up your data to the Data Store. For more information, see Backing Up and Restoring Your Data to the Data Store.

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Each cloud provider has its own set of user images, instances, resources, allocations, and options. Cloud provider resources are based on availability and reservations are required.

The CyVerse Cloud – Marana cloud provider is available for all users as of July 2017. This is the general-purpose default provider. This provider runs an updated, more resilient OpenStack version and configuration, and supports a new function called instance shelve. Similar to stopping an instance, shelving an instance shuts down an instance but does not consume time allocation. More information about shelved instances is available at Suspending, Stopping, Rebooting, Resuming, Starting, Moving, and Deleting Instances.

Other providers in your Providers list may be available, depending on the providers to which you have been granted access. For example, if you will be participating in a workshop or course, you may also have been granted access to the iPlant Cloud – Workshop provider. The iPlant Cloud – Austin provider is reserved for image developers, tool developers, and prepublication preparation; its allocation is granted by separate science committee, and is based on availability and the nature of the project.

You may request access to this and other cloud providers by completing the information requested below. Allocation increases are based on availability, fair share, and the user's request.

Changing or selecting your default provider

The providers in your list depend on the providers to which you have been granted access. You also can enable or disable the image provider on a per-image basis.

  1. To change your default provider:
    1. Click Providers on the menu bar.
      The list of providers to which you have been granted access is displayed, including the provider description and details (AUs, number of instances consuming allocation, time remaining before the allocation runs out, and rate at which the AUs are being used) for each available provider is displayed.
    2. Click the provider name to select it as your default provider. You can change it when you launch an instance.
  2. To select a different provider when launching a new instance, see Launching a New Instance.

Requesting access to another cloud provider

 To reserve time on a different cloud provider, please send an email to with the following information:


For more information on different providers and their allocation policies, see Allocation Policies on the CyVerse website.

  • Cloud name requested
  • Your name
  • Your institution and/or the location of your workshop/course
  • Your workshop/course title and description
  • Link to the workshop/course, if available
  • Dates of the workshop/course and days and times when Atmosphere will be used
  • Number of participants in your workshop/course
  • Number of instances and sizes needed for the workshop/course
  • Any other information that will help make your workshop succeed

Once your request has been received, a CyVerse staff member will contact you to confirm or discuss your request.

Need help?

Click  at the bottom right of the screen to chat with an Atmosphere support team member during business hours. You also can go to Ask CyVerse for Atmosphere, or click Feedback & Support at the bottom of the screen.

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