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NextGen Sequence Pipeline

NextGeneration sequencing technologies are rapidly changing the way we approach fundamental questions in biology and hold great promise for advancing plant science. Technological advances in nanotechnology and sequencing chemistry have together revolutionized our ability to obtain low-cost, high-throughput DNA sequence. As these technologies advance at a rapid pace, they pose new challenges for standardizing sequence information and in automating computational tasks.

The primary objective of the NextGen Working Group will be to establish an informatics pipeline that will allow members of the plant community to process NextGen sequence data (e.g. Illumina, Solid). Computer developers at iPlant will work with members of the NextGen Working Group to develop user-friendly interfaces to import NextGen sequence files and output data matrices using algorithms commonly used in processing DNA and RNA data sets. The NextGen group will also work with other members of the G2P consortium to develop modeling, statistical, and visualization tools that exploit and display outputs of the NextGen pipeline.