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iPg2p Steering Committee Minutes
December 2, 2009; 1 to 2 pm CST

Present: Chris Myers, Jeff White, Matt Vaughn, Ruth Grene, Karla Gendler, Steve Goff, Steve Welch, Tom Brutnell, Dorene Ware, Dan Stanzione

The meeting was convened at 1pm CST and there was some general discussion to allow time for late arrivals to dial in.

Item 1: Review Action Items

  • Gendler with set up poll for room requirements for Project Update Meeting

Item 2: Project Update Meeting in San Diego

The Steering Committee Meeting will be held January 13-14th, 2009 at the Hilton San Diego-Mission Valley. The meeting will begin on the afternoon of Wednesday, Jan 13th at 1pm, ending around 5pm. Thursday will be a full day, starting at 8:30 and ending around 5pm. The purpose of the meeting is for progress reporting and group planning. Tentative agenda:

  • Jan 13 (1pm-5pm)
    • Working group updates
  • Jan 14
    • Breakout session based on two use cases (1 hr with 2 15 minute reporting sessions)
      • Split leads and co-leads; idea is that people in group comment on use cases as pertaining to their working group
      • Let biology drive discussion
    • Breakout session to address cross-cutting needs of the working groups (be flexible, but set a 2 hr time limit)
      • Structured to meet needs based on what was identified in the update session on Jan 13
    • EOT Session
      • Question was raised as to what are Martha's and Sue's roles. Sue is an external participant who has agreed to lead a national EOT effort. With Martha and Dave, it is still being worked on as to who will do what but they are taking on different roles. Brutnell has a pretty complete EOT Brachy package and will send it to both Martha and Sue.
    • Planning session (in no particular order)
      • Discuss perils and pitfalls that see coming up
      • Talk about NSB meeting and what will be needed from GCs, especially in terms of providing details for the very limited number of slides
      • Review iPlant Board of Director's Meeting
      • Ideas for future and logical next steps (Scientific Opportunities effort)
      • Set milestones for next 6months-1 year

Item 3: Working Group Updates

  • Visual Analytics
    • Grene presented slides and asked for comments. She did state that the second slide will eventually have a kinetic component. Brutnell added that the viz on the right side should have cellular localization also. Grene said she considers this her workflow on stress and it includes perception, singaling, gene interaction, metabolic shifts, etc. Myers asked if it is missing inference of new networks. Grene asked for all to send her comments regarding the workflow.
  • Data Integration
    • Ware stated that the WG is working with reference resources right now and they are reviewing survey results. She is still uncertain as to how to work with core directly. She has been looking for a postdoc and there is an interview that she has scheduled for 14DEC09 with an individual that could start after the 1st of the year. Welch asked about the responses to the questionnaire. Ware said that MaizeGDB, TAIR, Solanaceae, and Gramene have all responded and that is general, they all offer certain file formats such as FASTA and GFF3. But as a group (and iPlant), we will need to make requirements for formats, API, and controlled vocabularies.
  • NextGen Sequencing
    • Brutnell stated that the workflows are on the Wiki and that they are currently working on a white paper to discuss priorities of the group and will distribute to the SC after the meeting.
  • Modeling

Item 4: Identify Action Items

  • Brutnell will distribute white paper to SC
  • Gendler will rough out agenda and distribute for comment
  • All should review Grene's presentation and send her comments
  • All should begin to think about topics that need to be addressed at the meeting in San Diego

Next meeting time: Wednesday, December 9, 1pm CST

Adjournment: The meeting ended at