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Semantically Linked Instructional Content (SLIC):

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What is SLIC?

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SLIC Portal -- Fall 2013 edition

SLIC Update for Spring 2013

2013-05-01 SLIC Update for the end of fall 2012 - beginning of spring 2013

2012-10-25 New SLIC blog post

Oct 1, 2013: New features in SLIC Portal:

A lot has changed in the SLIC interface since last year. We are happy to present to you an updated SLIC Portal, which includes a lot of new features:

  • Browsing the categories is now much easier thanks to the hierarchical "tree" that lists talks and courses
  • We will be uploading a lot more course lectures from previous years!
  • Searching slide words now takes into an account the state of the categories' checkboxes
    • users can search globally or narrow their search down to a specific category
    • the search terms stay in effect when the user opens a video page (effectively searching within the selected presentation)
    • search results can be further sorted based on various criteria (e.g. by displaying the most recently presented talks first)
  • Video page and the corresponding presentation information have been updated to provide more details
  • Slides' timing information has been added to show when a slide has been shown multiple times

Read more here.

Oct 25, 2012: New features in SLIC Portal:

  • new interface design, colors, top bar menus
  • the overview of the available presentations in "SLIC view": the presentation information (e.g. title, speaker, etc.) along with the slides displayed during the presentation
    • for convenience, the user's choice of the view (SLIC or tiled) is remembered
  • new options to filter the presentations by: year range and category type
  • search through slide words, both globally and locally
    • global search queries slide words of *all* of the available presentations
    • local search queries slide words for the current presentation that the user is watching
    • the user can always go back to their global search results by clicking on the "Browse"
    • after running a query, only the slides relevant to the search query show up in the SLIC view
    • if a user clicks on the slide thumbnail of the resulting presentations, the video will start playing from the point when this slide was shown
    • the query can be conveniently cleared using the "x" (clear) button
  • a user can send Feedback from any page - we collect basic information (e.g. the OS and browser versions) to debug the reported issues
  • updated and enhanced security in query handling
  • the interface is viewable on mobile devices - fits nicely on the screen


Up Next:

  • will install the new video player that supports HTML5 video
  • support the UofA courses
  • implement the new algorithm for slide-to-video matching

Backburner ideas:

  • ability to browse by keyframes
  • searching through the transcript words
  • showing related content
  • presentation filter based on the number of views, duration of the video
  • fully-compatible with mobile devices + an iDevice app