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Core Software

The iPlant core software engineering group is based at the Unversity of Arizona. It serves all grand challenge projects as well as other iPlant cyberinfrastructure development activities. The lead developer in this group is Sonya Lowry.

Interface with the iPG2P engagement team


Planning and high level design issues are communicated directly from Matt Vaughn and Karla Gendler to Sonya Lowry, the lead developer. This is primarily off-line communication.

Requirements Analysis and Development

Each engagement team analyst (ETA) has primary responsibility for at least one working group and secondary responsibility for a second. The ETAs attend working group meetings and work directly with the working group lead and other members to assess the scientific and technical requirements of the working group. The ETAs then communicate these requirements, with appropriate triage and refactoring, to Nicole Hopkins, core software's needs assessment specialist. Acquisition of scientific and computational domain knowledge for the working is primarily the responsibility of the ETA.


There is direct communication on detailed needs assessment between all members of the engagement team and Nicole Hopkins, the core software needs analysis specialist. This level of communication is almost entirely documented on the confluence wiki space for core software ( The confluence wiki helps to track design discussions and development issues associated with the discovery environment. Engagement team members also contribute documents and comments to the core software wiki space. Detailed development issues are tracked internally by the core software group on the JIRA content management system, excerpts of which are also posted on the wiki. Core software group members also post "virtual standup" reports on an ongoing basis on the wiki.


There is a bi-weekly design and retrospective meeting held by the core software group and attended by the iPG2P engagement team analysts. This is a platform for discussion of architecture design decisions and detailed reports on development activities.

Near Term Road Map

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