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Getting Started with CyVerse






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About the CyVerse wiki

CyVerse uses Confluence Wiki. This is a general how-to guide for using and working in the CyVerse wiki.


This is not meant to be an all-inclusive guide to using the Wiki. If you need more in-depth information, check their Help info at It's helpful.

If you don't find something here about the wiki that you wish was here or want to know about that would also be pertinent to other CyVerse users, email Kathleen.

If you can't access a space others on your team are using (the page just doesn't appear in your list on that space), ask a Special Assistant to help you.

Logging in to the wiki

To view many pages and to create or edit a page (permissions set by the space admin), you need to be logged in.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your CyVerse username and password.

If you don't remember your username or password, or you can't get in (and you know you're using the right username and password), see Resetting Your Password on the website.

Using your personal space

Each CyVerse user gets his or her own personal space. By default, all content in it is open to the public so everyone can view it. You can restrict visibility and editing permissions for the entire space and any pages you save to your personal space.

  1. Click CyVerse Wiki on the menu bar to view your dashboard.
  2. Under Site Spaces, click View All.
  3. In the Space Directory on the left, click Personal Spaces.
  4. Find your name in the list.
  5. Add your space to your list of Favorite Spaces by clicking the star to the right.
  6. To change the visibility setting of the space (since you're the admin of your space, you can do this):
    1. Click Spaces on the menu bar and then click your name.
    2. Click Browse and then click Space Admin.
    3. Under Security on the left, click Permissions.
    4. Change the permissions for Individual Users and Anonymous Users (users who aren't logged in to the wiki) as needed.
    5. Click Save All.
  7. To change the visibility of a page in your space:
    1. View the page (but do not open for edit).
    2. Click Tools > Restrictions.
    3. Verify Viewing is selected.
    4. To limit viewing of the page to only you, click Me, or select the users or groups who can view the page.
    5. Click Save.
    6. You may also want to put a panel, possibly hidden if you want (instructions for both below), to indicate that the page is visible only to X users.

Customizing your dashboard

You are the ruler of your dashboard so you can lay it out however you want. Some useful things are adding your most commonly used or important spaces to your list of Favorite Spaces (see below), defining how many updates are listed in each section, and much more.

Using Favourite spaces and pages

You can have a list of favorite spaces and favorite pages. This is a useful way to view only the updates you want to see. (Yes, Kathleen knows Favourite is not how we spell it in the U.S., but this is how it is in Confluence!)

Favourite Spaces: Adding a favorite space and viewing your Favourite Spaces list

  1. To add a favorite space:
    1. From your Dashboard, find the space to favorite in the Site Spaces list.
    2. Click the star to the right of the space name.
  2. To remove a page from your Favourite Spaces list, click the star to the right of the space name.
  3. To view updates in only your list of Favourite spaces:
    1. Click CyVerse Wiki at the top left to return to your Dashboard.
    2. Click Spaces in the left column, if not already selected:

      You also can click the Favourite Spaces tab in the right column. The setting remains until you change it.

Favourite Pages: Adding a favorite page and viewing your Favourite Pages list

Have a page you refer to often and tired of trying to find it? Make it a favorite and it will show up on your Dashboard.

  1. To add a favorite page:
    1. Click to view the page to favorite (don't open it for Edit).
    2. Click Tools on the right and then click Favourite.
  2. To view your favorite pages:
    1. Click CyVerse Wiki at the top left to return to your Dashboard.
    2. Click Pages on the left:
  3. To remove a page from your Favourite Pages list, click the star to the right of the page name.

Watching a page or space

If there's a page or space you'd like to receive emails about updates (for example, edited content or new comments), you can put a watch on it.

  1. View (but don't open for edit) the page you want to watch.
  2. Click Watch at the top right of the page.
  3. Click either of both or .

About space permissions and page restrictions

Permissions are set at the space level by the space admin.

Restrictions are set at the page level. If the space administrator gave you the rights to add a page, you can edit the page and set restrictions for what users can see and do on your page. The administrator of the space maintains all rights to all pages in the space.

If Edit isn't displayed at the top right, you don't have edit permissions. If you need them, contact the space administrator.

To find out the name of a space administrator, go to Spaces > Space Directory and click  on the right of the space name.