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This simple script will allow you to start a distributed run of the GRASS r.sun command.


  1. Download the zip file attached to this page
  2. Extract zip into any directory you choose (Preferably an empty directory)
    • There are 2 options:
      1. Do it through the GUI (open the folder, right-click, extract)
      2. Do it through the command line
  3. Make the necessary files executable


  1. On the master system (normally your ubuntu box)
  2. On the UA HPC
    • On the hpc download the file (currently hosted in my dropbox....seeking better way to download)
    • In modify the email address(line 8) and group (line 11) to your information
    • Run the script. This example runs standard priority with 24 workers.

The UA HPC system will email you when jobs are started and when they end.

Possible Issues

  • The script is adapted from bstreete's ACIC14 project. Thus the grass session is set up to work with DEMs which have been warped to DAYMET's projection. I have not tested it with DEMs which have not been warped.
  • This has only been successfully tested running locally (I added the LOCAL command to makeflow so it runs on the host machine instead of dristributed). I believe the issues with running it on the HPC were due to me testing from home. (i.e. My ISP may have been blocking the ports makeflow is working on). As it turns out I no longer have access outside of normal business hours to Gould-Simpson since I'm still not in a CS course.
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