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Extracting metadata

To annotate an image with its embedded metadata:

  1. If necessary, log in to Bisque.
  2. Include Page
  3. Click Analyze at the top.
  4. In the list of webapps on the right, click to open MetaData.
  5. In the Select data for processing section, clickher click either Select an image or Select a set of images and then select the image(s) whose metadata you want to extract.
  6. In the Run algorithm section, click Run.
    The extraction progress is displayed as the metadata is extracted.
  7. When the results are displayed in the Results section, view the metadata that was extracted:
  8. To export the results:
    1. Click Export.
    2. Click either as XML or as CSV to save the results to your machine.
    3. Click OK, specify the target location, and click Save.