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  • - iPlant forums for general questions and help (icommands, getting started using iPlant's resources, general "How To" questions)
  • - for technical support (account access, something doesn't seem to be up or working, did something very regrettable to a vitally important file).
  • TACC - The group will be assigned a person to contact pending approval of the Extended Collaborative Support request.
  • - NCEAS


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Getting started using HPC through iPlant

Register for a TACC Account

  1. Follow the instructions at:
    1. to first create a TACC account and after that account has been set up, 
    2. to request addition to the TACC iPlant allocation list. 
      1. for users, closely collaborating with iPlant, who are authorized to run jobs using the iPlant allocation generally for development runs only.
    3. Information about accessing TACC servers by SSH is also on that wiki page (scroll down).
    4. Note the information on the TACC User Portal.

Register for an XSEDE account

  1. Follow the instructions at: Create an XSEDE Account.
    1. The project will likely run under its own XSEDE allocation for production runs.